Meet Rosemary

It was our last day in the Philippines and I wanted to go to the park where some street kids were. It is there where I met Rosemary. She came up to me as I was giving out candy. She was older than the rest and caught my attention. I was giving out candy, and small toys, I also had two toothbrushes. I held out a necklace and a toothbrush and asked her which one she wanted. She smiled and pointed to the toothbrush. Rosemarie had nothing and the toothbrush that I obtained for free at the hotel brought her pure joy. I gave her the necklaces too. She told me she was hungry, but most of the kids out there were hungry so what was it that stood her out from the rest. She walked us around the park pointing out who had not received candy or a toy. She was very gentle and sincere.

When we were done we took her to a fast food restaurant called Chow King. I asked her what she wanted and she asked to get some food for her family. I did not see her family but her eyes were filled with longing, hope. We ordered her the family chicken dinners.

While we waited for the food she shared about her family. She could speak a little English. She has 4 siblings, she told us their names and ages she also told us the names of her parents and how old they were. She stated that she was 12 but did not go to school. I pushed the hair from her eyes and it felt like it had not been washed for months. She was dirty and very thin, I told her she was beautiful. I believed it.
I wonder if that is how God feels about us. When we are dirty with sin, and spiritual thin. Yet he loves us and thinks we are beautiful
We tried to have a conversation between her little English and me not knowing Tagalog. When the food came she smiled and said thank you. I asked the worker to tell her that Jesus loves her and to ask her if she has Him in her heart, she said yes. I hope she understood. I hugged her, prayed for her and she went back to the park, her home.

It was a defining moment for me how two strangers can meet from different worlds, but their hearts connected through love, the love of Christ. I know I will remember her and the beauty I saw in her. I wonder what she will remember of me.