JumpStart Ministries was founded on the principle of making hope a reality to the families in our community by sharing the love of Jesus. But who are the people behind the organization?

Joanne Sweeny   Executive Director   JumpStart Ministries

Joanne Sweeny
Executive Director
JumpStart Ministries

Mr. Eglie and Joanne Sweeney

Mr. Eglie and Joanne Sweeney

Who Am I?

As a young girl growing up with with four siblings, our household was filled with despair and fear. My mom did her best to take care of us kids, while our father was spending time in prison. Eventually he was released but our home life was not secure. One day, a man from a local church came by to see if we were interesting in going to Sunday school. We were, and so Mr. Eglie would come by and pick us. I was committed to church and loved learning everything I could about The Lord. I was ready every time they came to pick me up, went to camp every year, and stayed at Calvary Open Bible Church until I married my husband.

The people at Calvary Open bible Church gave me hope and I thank God for my experience and the growth I had there…..how different my life would’ve been had Mr. Eglie not knocked at my door.

Dedicating My Life to Ministry

That is what JumpStart Ministries is about. We go out each week to children in low income areas and bring the Gospel of salvation and hope to their neighborhoods,  to their world.

In Proverbs 29:18 it says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” I have a vision for these kids to bring the Gospel message to them, to teach them to have a vision for their lives,and to let HIM reveal to these children their hope and calling for their lives. As a child someone shared that same message with me and gave me a vision, and now I have an opportunity to share what had been given to me with others.

Future Projects

Sometimes the most beautiful and nerve wracking trait about the future is that it is unknown, but it is in God’s hands. For as long as God wants me here, I will continue this ministry!

I love these children as if they were my own. I thank God everyday for a chance to serve them and share my life of Christ.


Volunteering with children is what JumpStart Ministries is all about!

We go out into all the world, and that includes our community and share the love of God.  We are making hope a reality in the lives of the children and their families.